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Stay Flexible // Stay Creative // Dream Big

Create innovative solutions // Deliver challenging projects // Learn new technologies //
Expand presence  // Meet and work with interesting people

„We want to become a leading company
in security Services & Solutions
as well as Open Telecommunication Environments
to deliver Intelligent Network Services
and merge telco capabilities with the Internet”

Piotr Szymański, CEO @jtendo

Why jtendo?

We constantly improve the process of effective and professional service delivery to satisfy customer expectations and market demands.
Our team assists and supports clients in all project challenges and leads them step by step from idea to working solution.


jtendo was founded by technical & sales leaders.  We have more than 11 years of experience, 50+ engineers and still growing.


We love to share our knowledge gathered over the years.


Our team crafts unique, flexible and creative solutions for our customers.



We solve problems by thinking outside the box.


We are experts in use of various technologies for the needs of projects implemented for our customers.


We are fast to respond and easy to communicate with.

Canva - Last Puzzle Piece
jtendo has more than12years of experience

We efficiently solve our clients’ issues by thinking outside the box and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. We are engaged and committed engineers.

Countries with projects delivered
Subscribers served with our technologies
Major Achievements

Using experience gained by our team from over a dozen Telco Operators all over the world,
we can easily meet our Client’s wants and needs.

jtendo Best fo Breed
Technology stack
Telco technologies

SS7, SIGTRAN, SCTP, SCCP, M3UA, M2PA, MAP, CAP, INAP, SIP, Diameter (Gx, Gy, Ro, S13/S13′, S6a/S6, Sh, etc.), RADIUS, GTP, HTTP2, various proprietary protocols

Development frameworks

Spring, Hibernate, Apache CXF, Apache Camel, DPDK

Testing technologies

JMeter, Seagull, Selenium, Robot Framework, PropEr

Graphical application frameworks

Angular, React, Typescript, MobX, NodeJS, Vue.js, Phoenix


Oracle, MySQL (InnoDB & NDB Cluster), MariaDB, PosgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Apache CouchDB

Development languages

C/C++, Java, Erlang, Elixir, Python, Shell scripting, JavaScript

Application servers

Metaswitch Rhino TAS, JBoss AS, WildFly, WebLogic, Tomcat, MetaSphere MTAS


Configuration management

Git, Maven, Jenkins, Chef, Ansible, etcd

Cloud native technologies

Containerization (Docker), Orchestration (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm), Continuous Integration & Delivery (Gitlab), Proxy (HAProxy, htttpd, nginx), Streaming and Messaging (RabbitMQ, Kafka), Automation & Configuration (Ansible, Terraform), Cloud native platform (OpenShift, MicroK8s), Observability and Analysis – Monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana, Elastic, Logstash, Nagios)

Proprietary technologies

SS7 stacks (Dialogic, Ulticom, Metaswitch OCSS7, EStack – jtendo SS7 stack),
Platforms (OpenCloud/Metaswitch, Radisys, Dialogic)

Meet jtendo team

Create innovative solutions // Deliver challenging projects // Learn new technologies //
Expand presence  // Meet and work with interesting people

Piotr Szymański

CEO & Co-Founder 

piotr.szymanski [at]

Tomasz Zarzycki

Technical Director & Co-Founder 

tomasz.zarzycki [at]

Andrzej Trawiński

Chief Architect & Co-Founder 

andrzej.trawinski [at]

Sales Team
Cezary Murawski

Sales Director

cezary.murawski [at]

Piotr Szymański

CEO & Co-Founder 

piotr.szymanski [at]

Jakub Kubiak

Key Account Manager

jakub.kubiak [at]

Alicja Hostynska

Executive Manager

alicja.hostynska [at]

Financial & Office & HR
Monika Borkowska

Chief Financial Officer

monika.borkowska [at]

Marta Targonska

Chief Happines Officer

marta.targonska [at]

Delivery & Support Team

Our team crafts unique, flexible and creative solutions. We cooperate with more than 50 engineers.
Meet some of them.

Michał Wachowiak

Support & Integration
Team Leader

michał.wachowiak [at]

Mateusz Różański

Service Delivery

mateusz.rozanski [at]

Piotr Kmiecik

Solution Architect &
Software Developer

piotr.kmiecik [at]

Dariusz Adasiak


dariusz.adasiak [at]

Telecommunication. Security. Intelligent Network. SS7. Diameter.