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jtendo is a telecommunications expert. We provide the highest quality solutions and services to Mobile Network Operators.

We are experts in network signaling (SS7 and IMS), network security, application development, integration, deployment and solution support. We are focused on system integration, product development and security solutions/services.

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Areas of Business

  • jIN: Intelligent Network for CS and IMS incl. VoLTE/VoWiFi
  • jAPPS: over 40 IN applications ready for deployment
    • Real-Time Charging Suite: voice/messages/data charging frontend
    • jLOW: Low Balance Assistance – new approach to handling zero balance customers
    • Enterprise market services e.g. marketing numbers, VPN (Private Numbering Plans, Groups, etc)
    • jUCC: jtendo Unified Communications & Cooperation – a Virtual PBX designed to handle corporate and SME/SOHO customers with unique set of features
    • Consumer market services e.g. Multi-MSISDN, Home Zone
  • PCRF & P-GW for VoLTE – a suite of platforms designed specifically to handle VoLTE and VoWiFi calls.
  • EIR (Equipment Identity Register) – prevents the use of stolen terminals in mobile network
  • CRIN: Least Cost Routing – IN platform for wholesale traffic which performs intelligent carrier routing based on static and dynamic criteria
  • GTP Proxy – flexible GTP manipulation platform
  • SigWall – Signalling Firewall
    • Covers SS7, Diameter, SIP, GTP
    • Supports cross-protocol correlation
    • GSMA compliant
  • Penetration tests for mobile network protocols – SS7, Diameter, SIP and GTP
  • Mobile applications (Android / iOS) penetration tests
  • Device originated penetration tests for VoLTE/VoWiFi
  • IP Infrastructure (external & internal) penetration tests
  • Enhancing active defense capability for SOC by integrating Telco domain
  • Wi-Fi assessment and monitoring
  • Threat hunting & compromise assessment (including identifying LightBasin and other persistent compromises)

We are a member of GSM Association (GSMA)

Major Achievements

Using experience gained by our team from over a dozen Telco Operators all over the world,
we are ready to tailor to the Clients’ wants and needs.

Clients are saying about us

„If you need to go deep in a solution involving telco protocols and stacks, then jtendo is your vendor. Knowledge and experience jtendo has in a huge variety of solutions based on Open Source or Legacy, combined with technologies such as Erlang, involving performance and scalability, provides huge value to your company.”

„Thanks to deep telecommunication knowledge and programming skills jtendo develops unique, reliable, easy to maintain and adjusted to customer needs telecommunication platforms and applications. They deliver appropriate trainings and fast support when required. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such a team.”

„Support provided by jtendo belongs to the best in class. We truly like quick responses, flexible solutions and professional communication. Delivered product is very stable and easy to maintain.”

“Within last 12 months jtendo team has deployed two platforms with new services on top. Next, several of our platforms are under their direct support around the world. jtendo provided services for our two affiliates in Europe. Moreover, for one of our affiliates jtendo has swapped previous supporter out and became SPOC. From my perspective I can really recommend jtendo as an experienced team of engineers with impressive knowledge of Metaswitch JSLEE products but not only  in terms of new services development and post deployment support.”

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Business scope

Quality Services

We are focused on new technologies and new market demands. We developed our own solutions which are bulletproof, battle-tested and delivered worldwide.

Design & Development

We guide our clients step by step from idea to working solution. We are experts in design, development, platform and service integration and support.

Support 24/7/365 or 8/5

We provide end-to-end support service, covering all layers of supported platforms, starting from hardware as a base, through operating systems, to the platforms and systems deployed by our engineers and third-party teams.

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