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What we do

jtendo turn-key solutions
  • Analysis, functional specification
  • Development
  • Hardware delivery
  • Integration of jtendo software and 3rd party components
  • Testing: Functional / Non-Functional / Security
  • Migration of services and subscribers
  • Maintenance (24/7/365 or 8/5 support and enhancements)

We are experts in network signaling (SS7 and IMS), network security, application development,
integration, deployment and solution support. We are focused on system integration,
product development and security solutions/services.

jIN: jtendo Intelligent Network

jtendo Intelligent Network Solution covering IN platform as well as business services layer. Includes  jIN: jtendo Intelligent Network Platform (supporting CS/IMS/VoLTE/VoWiFi/5G) based on inSOA or JSLEE  and jAPPS 40+ business services such as RTS: Real time Charging suite, jUCC: jtendo Unified Communications & Cooperation (VPBX), jLOW: Low Balance Assistance, VPN, 0700/0800, and many more 

Real-Time Charging Suite

Network front-end for OCS for Call/SMS/MMS/Data charging with additional legacy services support such as USSD/SMS/IVR self-care, USSD-callback, USSD gateway, B-Party-Pays, CLIR Block and many others.

jLOW: Low Balance Assistance

A set of functions which can be applied for pre-paid with zero balance. Complete solution which fulfills all possible scenarios starting from offering IVR-based recharge, through money transfer, B-party pays, up to credit money with eligibility evaluation.

jUCC: jtendo Unified Communications & Cooperation

jUCC is a Virtual PBX designed to handle corporate and SME/SOHO customers with unique set of features. Covers special call handling, calendars, announcements, web-based attendant, conference calling, SIP trunking and many more!

Other services

Multi-MSISDN, Home Zone, Number Translation Services, Virtual Private Network, Selective Home Routing, Late Call Forwarding, Anti-Tromboning, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Firewall.

Core Network Elements

Solutions to extend customer network components with additional features and tools to create additional revenue stream.


Our solution consists of PCRF and P-GW supporting Rx, Sgi, S2b, Sxb, S5/S8, Gx. Includes a GTP firewall for additional security of IMS platform. Optimized for (and limited to!) VoLTE/VoWiFi traffic. Geo-redundancy with session failover – calls are switched between sites without disruption! 

EIR: Equipment Identity Register

Equipment Identity Register is a feature-full platform which can use external or internal DB to check for IMSI/MSISDN/IMEI/location consistency rules. Easily integrated with centralized databases of stolen terminals (country or region-based), includes web-services triggering for defined conditions (e.g. IMEI change for IMSI, location update, etc).

CRIN: Least Cost Routing

Least cost routing solution for carriers wholesale traffic to optimize call routing based on static and dynamic criteria.


GTP-Proxy Acts as GGSN/P-GW from SGSN/S-GW standpoint – and similarly it is perceived as SGSN/S-GW from GGSN/P-GW point of view. Installed in-line & transparently in the packet core network to provide additional features for GTP-C/U traffic processing. Supports virtual APNs, custom traffic routing and many more – virtually any rule which can be based on incoming GTP traffic and external data sources. Payload handling (DPI) is on the roadmap for 2022.GTP-Proxy enables new business cases for MNO-MVNO interconnects optimizing costs and improving on Quality of Service.

Telco Security Solutions

Security solutions suite of platforms, also automated, to secure operator’s SS7, Diameter and GTP network vulnerabilities.


jtendo signaling firewall offers powerful capabilities such as allowing multiprotocol correlation of SS7 including ISUP, Diameter, GTP-C and GTP-U, SIP, and HTTP/2.  SigWall protects subscribers and networks from attacks across all technology planes.

  • Adapts quickly to new threats to keep the network protected and secure
  • Provides business service add-ons to ensure cost-effective solution
  • Complies with GSMA recommendations and internal security research
  • Continuously updates and improves the rules
  • Can be deployed for groups of operators (multi-tenancy support)
  • Includes honey-potting and response faking capabilities
  • Supports multilayer management and reporting – e.g. operator-level and Agency-level
Security Services

jtendo’s security portfolio is designed to provide complete set of cybersecurity services that
address challenges our customers are facing in their IT environments.

Penetration Test

As a part of penetration testing, we exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities of specific resources, such as internet and mobile applications, infrastructure resources exposed to the Internet, and more. Usually we define the purpose of the tests at the beginning of the process but it can also be a subject of the recognition phase we carry out. Tests can be delivered as a black box, gray box or white box scenario.

Implementation of Security Systems

We help our customers develop cybersecurity strategy and processes for monitoring and incidents response. We support them in the process of implementing specific security systems:

  • We develop SIEM playbooks adapted to the business specifics of monitored IT environments.
  • We adapt workflows in dedicated security incident management tools.
  • We create appropriate integration elements for monitoring custom business applications and industrial automation systems.
Security Awareness Training

We provide security trainings at various levels of advancement and for different target groups (programmers, analysts, sales representatives). As required by the group, we focus on issues specific to their daily tasks, e.g. programmers, knowing the security breach methods could create properly secured applications, which would decrease the number of vulnerabilities identified in the last stage of the application development cycle.

Secure Remote Workplace

We support our clients in building multi-level security that enables easy access and protects remote workplace. We provide a holistic approach by reviewing and optimizing configurations, implementing policies and procedures as well as dedicated DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tools. We verify the effectiveness of existing solutions using penetration tests and simulated hacker attacks such as social engineering, phishing campaigns, Red Teaming.

Configuration Review

We verify the current configuration of security systems and individual components to keep them protected against specific threats.

SOC/SIOC Services

We support clients at every stage of SOC implementation – from solution selection to the design of operational procedures and SOC team training. We provide services in the scope of SOC maturity assessment as well as comprehensive Security Operation Center management.

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