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Equipment Identity Register

jtendo EIR denies telco services for a mobile terminal which are reported as stolen

Unique Selling Points
  • EIR is queried by telecomunication platforms (MSC, SGSN and MME) to check the status of the mobile terminal (using International Mobile Equipment Identity - IMEI)
  • Multi-protocol solution (designed to allow or block devices across 2G/3G, 4G/LTE, 5G and fixed networks)
Business Benefits

jtendo has committed to extend the functionality of the EIR product in a changing world and to address new challenges
coming with Voice over LTE, Voice over WiFi, Internet of Things (IoT) & other M2M-related environment changes.


jtendo EIR Solution has very competitive pricing, enabling the operators to build business case for the investment solely on current OPEX savings.

Low Internal Operator’s cost of Solution implementation: jtendo has enough experience with telco platform integration to assure fast and smooth project execution.

IMEI tracking

IMEI Tracking can be used to handle auto provisioning of terminals as well as to target marketing campaigns for specific groups of users. This information is easily available on jtendo EIR platform at no cost.

EU regulation support

Although the final version of the regulation is not available, jtendo offer includes free upgrade to new version which will fully support EU Regulation together with integration with centralized IMEI DB.

Future proof

jtendo solution is based on commodity HW, supports virtualization, is scalable up to hundreds of thousands TPS with tens of millions of records, and follows EU regulation recommendations. jtendo EIR is fully future proof.

Functional Overview

Main Functionality

  • Blacklisting (barring)
  • Whitelisting (permitted for use)
  • GreyListing (should be tracked for evaluation)
  • Unknown terminal

OSS integration

  • SNMP support
  • Includes statistics engine based on ELK
  • Includes alarm console

Protocol Support

  • Diameter S13/S13’

HW and OS requirements

  • Any x64 server (or virtual resource)
  • Red Hat / CentOS
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