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GTP Proxy
What GTP Proxy does?

Internet traffic analytics and GTP-level attacks are for Mobile Network Operators the biggest concern of tomorrow

Protecting operator’s customers from such threats is a challenge which every single operator has to address by implementing additional layer of security.

jtendo GTPProxy is a product designed for Mobile Network Operators to control and secure GTP network & our product addresses all protocol-level aspects of GTP network security.

Flexibility of our product is based on the routing rules which enables to route the traffic to different GGSN nodes directly or via specialized GTP Proxy nodes (e.g. DPI, Malware Detection, etc.)

The main driver for GTP Firewall deployment is to provide application-layer security for GGSN/S-GW/P-GW as well as for IMS core in VoLTE scenarios

GTP Proxy overview
  • It is a network platform which handles mobile data traffic for 2G/3G and for 4G
  • GTP-C and GTP-U messages are analysed, and application and security rules are applied
  • Every session creates a context, thus rules analyse whole session flow
  • The rule can analyse any parameter from any layer of network protocols
  • GTP Proxy can query external platforms for data, which then are used for rules evaluation (e.g. last known location)
  • It is proven to handle 10000+ GTP-C messages per second and 100 Gbps GTP-U traffic (target for 2018 is 1 Tbps)
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