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CRIN: Least Cost Routing

CRIN: Least Cost Routing

jtendo CRIN  is IN platform for wholesale traffic which performs intelligent carrier routing based on static and dynamic criteria:

  • retrieved from the routing request (INAP/SIP parameters)
  • statically configured (direct routing, traffic distribution, time and date based, etc.)
  • data imported via batch interface (in-/outbound price lists)
  • calculated dynamically on runtime (quality, capacity, volume, etc.)
Common Use Cases
  • CRIN selects the most profitable outgoing Carrier from predefined ones on the basis of imported price-lists (calculates margins on the basis of buying and selling prices)
  • CRIN uses overflow control mechanism to make sure calls are connected even if the most desirable outgoing Carrier is unavailable (e.g. returning errors)
  • CRIN detects and blocks fraudulent traffic on the basis of automatic blacklisting feature
  • CRIN makes sure agreed commitments (like number of minutes connected via specific Carrier) are fulfilled
  • CRIN helps fulfilling governmental regulations by partitioning the traffic (e.g. EEA/rest)
Routing Features

Rules can leverage the following engine features:

  • call-by-call routing
  • extraction of INAP/SIP parameters
  • traffic screening
  • parameters addition/replacement
  • regular expressions evaluation
  • multiple routes for overflow routing (the number of routes is not limited)
  • traffic distribution with a ratio
  • rerouting on the basis of returned Cause Value
  • price based routing
  • time and date based routing
  • KPIs based routing (internal and imported from external sources)
  • capacity/volume based traffic distribution
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