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Piotr Szymański

CEO & Co-Founder 

piotr.szymanski [at]

Tomasz Zarzycki

Technical Director & Co-Founder 

tomasz.zarzycki [at]

Andrzej Trawiński

Chief Architect & Co-Founder 

andrzej.trawinski [at]

Sales Team
Cezary Murawski

Sales Director

cezary.murawski [at]

Piotr Szymański

CEO & Co-Founder 

piotr.szymanski [at]

Jakub Kubiak

Key Account Manager

jakub.kubiak [at]

Financial & Office & Marketing Team
Monika Borkowska

Chief Financial Officer

monika.borkowska [at]

Alicja Hostynska

Office Manager

alicja.hostynska [at]

Marta Targonska

Chief Happines Officer & Marketing Manager

marta.targonska [at]

Delivery & Support Team

Our team crafts unique, flexible and creative solutions. We cooperate with more than 50 engineers.
Meet some of them.

Michał Wachowiak

Support & Integration
Team Leader

michał.wachowiak [at]

Mateusz Różański

Service Delivery

mateusz.rozanski [at]

Piotr Kmiecik

Solution Architect &
Software Developer

piotr.kmiecik [at]

Dariusz Adasiak


dariusz.adasiak [at]

Telecommunication. Security. Intelligent Network. SS7. Diameter.