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Real-Time Charging Suite

Real-Time Charging Suite
Unique Selling Points
  • Convergent solution for CS (SS7) and IMS (SIP, Diameter) supporting various interfaces towards OCS (with multitenancy)
  • We support seamless platform swap (with 100% backward compatibility of business logic and all interfaces)
  • Supports USSD, SMS, IVR and web-based selfcare
  • Fully customizable and future-proof Solution
  • Quality of cooperation with Our Team
  • Based on open architecture – JSLEE and OMA OneAPI
  • Open for 3-rd party development service development and platform customizations
  • SS7 / SIP / Diameter Solution for pre-paid and real-time charging post-paid subscribers
  • Covers Voice call charging, SMS charging, MMS charging, Data Charging, Roaming scenarios, USSD callback, USSD/SMS/Voice Self-care, Pay4Me, etc.
  • Provides IN charging logic between core networks and On-line Charging Systems as well as additional IN services
  • Convergent Solution for mobile and fixed networks
  • Supports integration with CS core (SS7) as well as IMS core (SIP, Diameter)
  • Supports integration with OCS via Diameter, CORBA and Web Services interfaces
  • Creates CDRs/EDRs in ASN.1 and/or text format
  • Includes customizable provisioning gateway for service configuration via Web Services and files (batch)
  • Includes multiple legacy applications (USSD/IVR/other self-care, USSD callback, top-up IVR/USSD, etc)
  • GUI based Service Management and extensive analytics/statistics based on ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) stack
  • Supports multitenancy for service provisioning (for multiple operators)
  • Supports multiple OCS systems with Ro customizations
  • All delivered as a Solution open for customizations
  • We provide Telco-grade SLA for our Customers with 5-nines (99,999%) for service availability
  • Flexible support options
  • Offered for seamless prepaid platform swap (with 100% backward compatibility of business logic and all interfaces) or green-field installations
  • Experienced team of integration engineers assures smooth delivery
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