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Security Services

Security Services

jtendo’s security portfolio is designed to provide complete set of Cybersecurity services
that address challenges our customer are facing in their IT environments.

  • Web traffic analysis to detect use of shadow IT (e.g. file sharing, video conferencing, and collaboration tools).
  • Configuration review of all perimeter systems to ensure critical security patches have been applied and secure configurations have been used.
  • Configuration review of DLP, EDR and other security controls on workstations to make sure it perform as expected and stay secured when removed from LAN for extended periods of time.
  • Implementation of SIEM class systems as well as internal Security Operation Center to improve security incident detection and response capabilities .
  • Identification of any vulnerabilities or mis-configurations of current critical resources using penetration testing or our experienced red team.
  • Implementation of technical controls and enablement of advanced email filtering solutions to identify suspicious emails and reduce the threat from phishing.
Did you know that*?
Polish companies have suffered for security breaches
Cyberattacks per hour in Poland
Average cost of single security breach

* information from 2019

What we do?

As part of penetration testing, we exploit known and unknown vulnerabilities of specific resources, such as internet and mobile applications, infrastructure resources exposed to the Internet, and more. Usually we define the purpose of the tests at the beginning of the process, but it can also be the subject of the recognition phase we carry out. Tests can be delivered as black box, gray box or white box scenario.


We help our customers to develop cybersecurity strategy and processes for monitoring and incidents response. We support them in the process of implementation of specific security systems:

  • We develop SIEM playbooks adapted to the business specifics of monitored IT environments.
  • We adapt workflows in dedicated security incident management tools.
  • We create appropriate integration elements for monitoring custom business applications and industrial automation systems.

We support our clients in development of multi-level security that enables ease to access and secure remote workplace. We provide a holistic approach by review and optimization of configurations, implementation of policies and procedures as well as implementation of dedicated DLP (Data Loss Prevention) tools. We verify the effectiveness of existing solutions using penetration tests and simulated hacker attacks such as social engineering, phishing campaigns, Red Teaming.


We delivers security trainings at various levels of advancement and for different target groups (programmers, analysts, sales representatives). As required by the group, we focus on issues specific to their daily tasks, e.g. programmers, knowing the security breach methods, could create properly secured applications, which would decrease the number of vulnerabilities identified in the last stage of the application development cycle.


We support clients at every stage of SOC implementation – from solution selection to the design of operational procedures and training of SOC teams. We provide services in the scope of SOC maturity assessment as well as comprehensive management of the Security Operation Center.


We verify current configuration of security systems and individual components to make them secured against specific threats.

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