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Fully automated, cloud hosted solution, which allows to schedule and execute predefined scenarios of vulnerabilities of signaling network


  • Multi Operator Security Monitoring Solution for SS7 / DIA / SIP / GTP
  • Fully automated vulnerability testing and verification
  • Scan scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Updated with latest SS7 vulnerabilities and threats
  • Email & SMS alerting notification on security degradation
  • Fully automated terminal side testing with specialized hardware
  • Security Scoring Console & Reporting for top level management
SS7 test categories

Leaking of sensitive information
Leaking of subscriber location (geolocation)
Call and SMS interception, call forwarding
Denial of Service
Billing and toll fraud
Phishing, spam and fraud USSD
Wholesale SMS fraud
IMSI catchers coordination attacks

GTP test categories

Discovery and enumeration
Interface separation
Administrative interfaces exposure
Denial of Service
Redirection and interception
TEID prediction
IMSI catchers coordination attacks

Deployment Types

Operator – focused on a single operator, managed by the operator
Group-level – multi-operator deployments – manager on the group level as well as locally
Country-level – where homeland security is the highest priority Multi-operator deployment managed on country level by State Security

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