INNOVATION in a wireless world



Leading solution in network protection designed for both single operators and multi-tenant environment.


  • SS7, Diameter, SIP, GTP Firewall
  • Protects Mobile Networks from all known vulnerabilities
  • Unique cross-protocol correlation capabilities
  • Can be deployed for groups of operators (multi-tenancy support)
  • Includes honey-potting and response faking capabilities
  • Supports multilayer management and reporting – e.g. operator-level and Agency-level
Processing modes

Active Intrusion Protection System (IPS) mode

Passive Intrusion Detection System (IDS) mode with or without active queries

Selective IPS mode – Operator chooses POIs that are protected in IPS mode

Processing Layer

Based on Erlang technology
Flexible rules-based engine
Open to build real-time detection and correlation rules using any parameter from all protocol layers
Allows cross-protocol correlation (e.g. GTP+SS7, SIP+SS7, SS7+Diameter, Diameter+SS7)
Allows external queries as a part of rules logic (internal/external DB, SS7, Diameter, Web Services)

Deployment Types

Operator – focused on a single operator, managed by the operator
Group-level – multi-operator (multi-tenant) deployments – managed on the group level as well as locally
Country-level – where homeland security is the highest priority – Multi-operator deployment managed on country level by State Security

Analytics and Reporting

100+ pre-defined attack signatures
Open powerful underlying technology (Elasticsearch)
Periodical and on-demand reporting
Cross-protocol event correlation and reporting

Additional Extensions

Welcome SMS
Roaming Steering/Antisteering
ISUP fraud (Wangiri) prevention
Border Roaming Gateway
Prefix Correction Service
Equipment Identity Register
Least Cost Routing
SCP services (Call Filtering, PRB, ACR, NTS, and more)
Gateway Location Register


Overlay mode
Front-End Proxy mode
Gateway mode (multiple SPCs),
Mixed mode (e.g. Overlay + Front-End Proxy)

SIGTRAN M3UA and M2PA for SS7 E1 HSL/LSL support SS7 links support
Open for SIEM integration (ArcSight ready)
Open for external DB integration (queries and updates)

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