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Telco Security Solutions

Telco Security Solutions
Unique Selling Points (TO DO)
  • Based on standards and open for new service development and platform extensions
  • Future proof – supports virtualization, exposes OMA/OneAPI, new interfaces are easy to integrate with jIN environment
  • Flexible support options covering 3-rd party development and telco-grade SLA
  • Enables new service development as well as totally seamless legacy platform swap (with ZERO impact on external environment)
  • Quality of cooperation with Our Team
Features(TO DO)
  • Based on open architecture – JSLEE and OMA OneAPI
  • Open for 3-rd party development service development and platform customizations
  • Catalogue of off-she-shelf applications/services
  • Connectivity with all major telco protocols (incl. SS7, SIP, Diameter, SMPP, Web Services, etc)
  • Proven to handle 10000+ CAPS per installation
  • Connectivity with BSS (CDRs/EDRs, Web Services, other) and OSS (SNMP, files)
  • Supports internal and external service interaction as well as IM-SSF and Reverse IM-SSF functionality
  • Includes Operations & Administration component – Platform and Service Management and ELK stack for analytics and stats
  • Often used for seamless platform swap (with 100% backward compatibility of business logic and all interfaces)
  • Optionally includes Media Server for announcements, recording, transcoding and conferencing
  • Supports Network Function Virtualization (includes VNF Manager for VNF deployments)
  • Supports local High-Availability (n+1) and geo-redundancy
  • We provide Telco-grade SLA for our Customers with 5-nines (99,999%) for service availability
  • Flexible support options (jtendo can also support 3-rd party applications deployed on jIN in various models)
  • Experienced team of integration engineers assures smooth delivery
Security Threats
Telco Security Solutions

Signalling Firewall for SS7 (incl. ISUP), Diameter, SIP, GTP with cross-protocol correlation and flexible rules-based engine for signaling processing.


Automated penetration tool for mobile networks which provides unique fully automated daily scanning capabilities – security monitoring tool for mobile networks. Also covers terminal-side interactions for vulnerability exposure confirmation.

Security for Mobile Data

Security As A Service for Mobile Data service – Dynamic Firewall, Malware detection and Antivirus Solution applied for chosen subscribers mobile data traffic on GTP level.

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