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Hello IN people (aka my friends 😀).

Today, you’ll hear some of my thoughts and opinions on the evolution of IN along with 5G. In the early days of 5G, you might have thought (I did), that it was pretty similar to VoLTE. Of course, there is some cloudification and some other fancy staff, which jIN (jtendo Intelligent Network) has been handling already. So, INs are probably just based on IMS AS. Yup, jIN is ready, case closed, nothing new to add.


Why almost? Because you can find a lot of new stuff there, in several areas.

jtendo perceives IN platforms as more than just old school SCP to handle calls and SMSes. Do you remember the old term SSP? You don’t hear it too often now, do you? INs are the platforms which are used to build sophisticated logic on top of mobile network resources. At least that’s how we’ve been using jIN so far.

Time is passing very quickly… soon all 2G/3G/4G networks will be referred to as “legacy”. So… using jIN in legacy networks, we control the call state, handle SMS events, USSD session, etc. And we can do much more. A coherent interface between network logic / network interfaces and the business logic can be provided wherever it is. It might be inside the operator’s domain, or it can be based on some internet application deployed in the cloud. Simplifying, jIN enables synergy between the telco world and any new type of business requirement.

And so, what is new in 5G?

There is SO MUCH MORE to come from these synergies! Remember that we now have edge computing, network slicing, such an ease in launching private networks and ability to instantiate functions wherever they are needed.

I know what you’re thinking now, it smells like microservices! The way to expose so many different functions at so many levels! Of course, there are centralized functions, but there are also things we can do specifically for Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) and Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC). All of them have different requirements and characteristics, with different data and processes, with some mesh of MEC-based application logic and something quite similar to IN.

And here we are, this is exactly the approach we took with jIN. Take a look at jIN and inSOA description we posted here and you should see that it is simply a great concept and architecture to use and extend for 5G!

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