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What is Elasticsearch?

The most concise definition of Elasticsearch is the one we found on their site:

Elasticsearch is a distributed, free and open search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured.

Dive in here to learn more.


Elastic Inc. provides several projects under the name of Elastic stack (ELK). The primary components are: Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats.

  • Elasticsearch works as search and analytics engine.
  • Logstash allows you to get data from virtually any source, transform it and store in Elasticsearch.
  • Kibana’s basic role is to visualize data in the form of charts or tables.
  • Beats is a family of lightweight, single-purpose tools that take data and forward it to Logstash or directly to Elasticsearch.

Distributed from the ground up, fault tolerant, fast

These seem to be the basic ideas behind the Elasticsearch project. You can start with only one node or add few more and create a cluster. Data is automatically replicated between nodes, eliminating single point of failure. Moreover, clustering allows you to distribute both load and storage among nodes in the cluster. This means you can achieve your goals with several smaller/cheaper servers.

Simple installation and low integration cost

Basic installation and configuration are like a walk in a park. Elastic provides a well-documented REST API. It comes with libraries in several programming languages to speed up integration with your software.

Opensource and price

There are tons of features that are available for everyone in the open-source version. Yes, that means for free 😊*!

* for more details, please refer to their website

Our clients love Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch has undoubtedly gained momentum. jtendo has feedback from several clients. Some of them had previous experience, while for others, we were the first to implement  Elasticsearch in their organization.

And guess what… All are delighted to be working with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is perceived as a very 'hot’ piece of software. jtendo focuses on  telco and therefore we tend to use only a limited set of features, but it is a powerful and capable of much more. One can easily find out by checking out portfolio.

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